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"The Grind" (New Single) - Listen Now by Quranic | Nov 1st 2016 | M19Ent |

Check out my new single "The Grind". It's a tribute to anybody who's ever struggled to reach a goal and a positive rap song for my hustlers (hard-workers) finding the balance between duties and morals.

The inspiration came from a few different scenarios in my life that I either witnessed or experienced first-hand in the past few years.

In the song and video I mainly paralleled my struggles as a starving artist and the many things I do to build success in the entertainment world as MY grind but it also serves as an analogy for anybody doing any activities that involve effort in order to achieve something.

Life as an indie artist helping manage an indie label is challenging to say the least and we've had our share of setbacks such as personal issues, incarcerations, and deaths as well as faulty business associates and the whole nine. I wanted to write a song that anybody whose felt desperation, doubt or depression as I have could relate to and give them the message that passion, patience and faith is the answer.

Listen below to see how it turned out.

Watch This First...


Press Play, Listen Like and share

Press play below to listen to the song. when you're done listening download the song to show your support. ( Name your own price..yes, even free!) and please click "Share" and help me spread it around social media so it can get more exposure. THANK YOU!! #TeamQuranic


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