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Quranic is an up and coming hip hop artist, slam poet and entertainer from Dayton, Ohio
The Land Of Funk (Gem City)

Rapper and entertainer Quranic was born and raised in the sixth largest city in Ohio where he inherited all of the culture, pain, struggle and beauty of his environment. Dayton Ohio, also known as "the gem city" has earned quite an interesting reputation..


Dayton is a melting pot of talent and oppurtunities hidden beneath the struggle...


Music Is Life

Despite growing up in a split home, 90's baby Quran Isaac Lee (Quranic) owes to both parents the love of music, his own father being an accomplished local star with many years experience in the music/entertainment industry and his mother a die-hard music enthusiast in her own right. Quranic was raised in the city of Dayton, Ohio where he was influenced by multiple cultures/religion including Rastafari, Christianity and Islam. Quranic showed an early potential and passion for literature as a young boy writing short stories and later transitioned into poetry and rap during high school years, going on to excel in many competitions and increasingly take his art more serious. His affinity for music would best be accredited to the environment he was a product of growing up. Quran 's father was a rising entertainer, vocalist and producer (DJ Raastar aka Ras Cassi) who had been involved with performing with different bands and groups and even went on to found the indie label (Movement #19 Entertainment, inc), His mother, a pathologist who was an avid music fan had a lot to do with influencing his taste as well with her own diverse playlists that would sound through the house at any given day, ranging from classic funk and R&B to Golden-Era Hip Hop and dance-hall music. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Damian Marley, Nas, Prince, Michael Jackson and Poor Righteous Teachers he sought to write good music with as much meaning as rhythm and answered his calling to become a great emcee.


The Movement

2009 Quranic started to contribute more to the family label 'Movement #19 Entertainment' and he joined the roster and took up other important roles, learning how to record and mix literally 'in-house' he'd begin spending a lot of free time in the studio. 2011 was the year he conducted an interview with Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers that he describes as "very influential". Throughout High School he built a small buzz by freestyling on command and rap battling his peers, which gained him recognition as a skilled wordsmith. Quranic took every opportunity available to build his craft and showcase his talents whether it was turning a class presentation into a performance or participating in poetry competitions several of which  he earned first place in, In 2013 he had the honor of meeting and opening up for the prestigious MC Lyte at his school.  By the time Quran graduated from Thurgood Marshall high class of 2014 his local popularity as an emcee and anticipation for his debut mixtape was somewhat considerable but when he released  "Smell Quranic In The Air" in the following months the reception was mixed and the project didn't gain much attention. Not at all discouraged, Quranic realized he needed to trust his process and do his best to master his vision by all means and it wouldn't be easy.

Gotta Handle Biz

After earning his GED Quranic's  new challenge was deciding the best route to go to support his dreams. . He didn't go straight to college and instead focused on music and took time exploring his many options. His goal was build an empire with his label-mates. He teamed up with DJ Raastar to host venues and parties as a way to promote M#19 artists and practice performing. They got a nice following  for  hookah spots as they were just becoming trendy in the city of Dayton.

Around the same time Quranic had aired his first song on college radio (Taking Our Time) and M#19 entertainment had expanded and signed a joint venture with other local entertainment companies to maximize production, promotion profit and resources. During this time the underground hit "Y'all Ain't Know" was released which was intended as a street single for a collab tape that never was completed. Alot of opportunities were passed up when Quranic's father and DJ fell ill and wasn't able to be as active in the entertainment world anymore. Quranic was forced to bare the load and try to pick up the slack with most of the M#19 staff leaving or being haulted by personel setbacks. It became overwhelming and financial situations became more dire so Quranic refocused on securing a steady income and maintaining his musical presence online.

Tha Unlearning

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