Quranic is an up and coming hip hop artist, slam poet and entertainer from Dayton, Ohio
The Land Of Funk (Gem City)

Rapper and entertainer Quranic was born and raised in the sixth largest city in Ohio where he inherited all of the culture, pain, struggle and beauty of his environment. Dayton Ohio, also known as "the gem city" has earned quite an interesting reputation..


Dayton is a melting pot of talent and oppurtunities hidden beneath the struggle...


Music Is Life

Rapper Quranic The MC who's given name is Quran Isaac grew up in a split home but despite this owes to both of his parents his passion for music, with his father being a popular artist in his heyday and his mother being a die-hard music enthusiast and songwriter. He is from the city of Dayton, Ohio and was raised around multiple cultures/religions, especially Islam and Christianity. As early as elementary school he showed his love for literature and kept a journal of his own short stories and poems. Quran credits his musicality to the environment he was a product of growing up, his father being a popular performer and producer in his time known as DJ Raastar or Ras Cassii who had even started his own label. Quran's mother, a pathologist who was also an avid music fan who would help shape his musical taste and diversity with her playlists ranging between classic funk, R&B, old-school rap and reggae. Drawing inspiration from his favorite artists such as Damian Marley, Nas, Michael Jackson, Prince and the Poor Righteous Teachers among others, he developed his ability to create music that could promote positivity and touch peoples emotions and started his journey to become a respected emcee.







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