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New Single by Quranic The MC "Danger Zone" - Listen Now

Check out my new song called “Danger Zone” . It's about finding your way to persevere through a dark place. I drew inspiration from my city Dayton, Ohio, a place that has unfortunately come to be popular for its high crime rates but otherwise is a beautiful place to live. With so much negativity surrounding the narrative of life in Dayton being constantly pushed, I usually try to focus on painting the good things but I knew people could relate to the feeling we all get when realizing that the odds are stacked against us. We've come to give thanks in understanding that a tougher environment breeds tougher people, we call it #DaytonStrong. In this song I talk about the things I hold onto for strength such as God and loyalty and recognizing the toll from toxicity in my environment. My attitude in this is the underdog who will never give in and instead clings to hope and his vision of a better future, knowing that when the battles get tough the tough get dangerous. - Quranic The MC

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